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Is Writing a Lost Art?

Is Writing a Lost Art?

Everything is digital these days! The art of writing a personal note, card or a letter by hand may seem to be a lost art, but I refuse to accept it and you, beloved, shouldn't either. No e-mail, text, social media comment or message will ever replace my smile when I received a handwritten "just because" card from a dear friend. There's something very permanent about hand-written correspondence. You can hold it in your hand, keep it, pass it down to future generations, etc.  An e-mail archived in the cloud is not the same. It's not tangible.

Penning a letter or card shows the recipient that they are worth the effort of selecting the stationery source, handwriting the message, addressing the envelope, applying a stamp, and mailing it. 

When is the last time you sent someone a letter or a handwritten card. It is time for us to re-embrace the most heartfelt and genuine form of communication. I challenge you today....choose at least one person per month to pen a letter or card. You can do it!

We have stationery on our site to choose from or you might elect to use a piece of your child's notebook paper! Whatever you choose....it'll always be thought for me! Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Be Kind. Take Care. Love on each other. Until Next Time!




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