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What is Gift Curation?

What is Gift Curation?

When I think of Gift Curation, the word intentional comes to mind. Intentional means: done on purpose; deliberate. Curating a gift box is the act of intentional gift giving. It is deliberately selecting a mix of items to appeal to the receiver of the gift. It’s the art of truly thinking about the person, their likes, dislikes, heart, character, hobbies, and virtually everything about them. After giving it some thought, it makes gift giving a lot easier and actually a more pleasant experience for you. The intentional gift sends a loud and clear message to the receiver that you have put some thought into it. The receiver will feel "seen" and "heard." My mama always told me ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ 

We carry a selection of curated gift boxes tailored to themes such as self care, birthdays, and inspirational boxes. There is also an option for you to curate your own gift box. YES, you too can be a gift curator. Pick the box, the contents, the card, and write your message. We will take care of the logistics of arranging the items in the gift box, handwriting the message, wrapping the box, and mailing it to the recipient. If you still need assistance with choosing the right gift, we have you covered. E-mail us: shop@willowandqueen.com. 

We have been (and still are) living in unprecedented times. Do not delay celebrating and acknowledging those that you hold dear. My Daddy always says don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Whether it's a handwritten letter, a visit or an intentional gift,  I'm sure they will appreciate the thought. Just consider it. Be safe. Take Care. Love one another. Until next time.....

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