Intentional Gifting with Willow and Queen

Intentional Gifting with Willow and Queen

Intentional Gifting with Willow and Queen

Friends….I can’t believe Christmas is in 3 weeks. I’m just getting over Thanksgiving *sigh* Let’s talk Christmas Shopping. What’s your status? Have you started? Are you finished? Are you still cleaning out the fridge from Thanksgiving? I want to chat a bit on intentional gifting to help with wrapping up holiday shopping stress free.

What if you finished all of your shopping and were able to enjoy the weeks/ days leading up to the holiday stress - free! I believe intentional gifting will help to achieve this goal! 

Intentional Gifting is the art of thinking about the person, their likes, dislikes, heart, character, hobbies, and curating a gift with that information in mind. The intentional gift sends a loud and clear message to the receiver that you have put some thought into it. The receiver will feel "seen" and "heard." I think we all need this more than ever especially in these unprecedented times.

We need to do just a bit of pre - work before we talk intentional gifting. This bit of work is the foundation. Grab a pen/ paper. 

Create (or revise) your list today.

Who matters to you? Give this some thought. Before you start browsing, strolling through the aisles, and mindless shopping…stop and ask yourself, who are the people in my life that I want to acknowledge? Write those names in a list. Then…think of a few words to describe each person. Consider their interests, hobbies, and think about why you want to acknowledge their presence in your life in the form of a gift. It might help to jot this down next to each person’s name. After completing this exercise, you might discover that not everyone on your list is a candidate for a gift at all…and  that is ok. Remember, no obligatory gift giving. Now let’s make some revisions. Let’s revise the list down to those that you are truly grateful for and enter the beautiful realm of gratitude 🙏🏽

Now…we are ready to get started. Here are my best tips on intentional gift giving: 

1. Gift what they love

Consider the list you made earlier. Hopefully you did it - lol! Reflecting on that list will give you some ideas. Also…there is nothing wrong with good old Google. If nothing else, you’ll get ideas. Think about the conversations you have had with your loved ones. Did they mention something they wanted? When they saw you…did they say “oooh I love that bracelet” BAM that’s an idea right there. Are they a popcorn connoisseur? Kay’s Kettlecorn ships nationwide! Have they complained that their car hasn’t been detailed in a while? Think about booking them a mobile detail service. Are they a lover of bedazzled, blinged out stuff. You know the friend that is always wearing a rhinestone shirt or drinking from a bedazzled mug. Check out SYD’s Signature Creations. You see what I mean beloveds. Hopefully this gives you some ideas.

2. Gift what you love

It’s highly likely that if you love it, your friends and family will love it too. Think about your favorite, must - have items and share with your loved ones. Let’s make a list (yep, another list) of your favorite things and who might benefit from them.

3. Put their name on it!

Everyone loves to see their name ‘in lights.’ Anything personalized will definitely send the message of thoughtfulness. Your friends and family will know that you didn’t just ‘stumble on’ their gift. They will know it was intentional…and that’s amazing. 

4. Bundled Gift Box

Another idea…put a few of their favorites in a gift box. Instead of trying to find that ONE item, consider packaging a few goodies. Jazz it up a bit, put the items in a nice box or basket, and add a handwritten note.

Willow and Queen offers ready to ship themed gift boxes. We also offer the option to build your own box. You pick your box color, the items you want to include, and your message. We carefully package the gift box, hand write the note, and send! We handle ALL the logistics. No UPS lines for you. Oh and all boxes ship free!

5. Your Presence is the Present

Your time is a non renewable resource. You will never get more of it. There is nothing better than spending quality time with a loved one especially after the last 18 months of not being able to gather as much. This past year has taught us to slow down and be grateful for the time with our loved ones. Make time to spend with your loved ones during this season.  Also, when you are spending time be fully present. Consider leaving electronics at the door or on DND. Look at your calendars today and start making plans.


My mama always says “it’s the thought that counts”. No truer words have ever been spoken. Also, don’t break the bank. Make a budget and stick to it. No loved one would ever want you encountering a hardship because of the gift you bought them 💯

Don’t gift out of obligation; gift with intention.

Be Kind. Take Care. Love on each other. Until next time! 



  • These breakdowns are everything! It’s hard buying gifts for people who seem to already have everything! This idea of intentional gift giving makes it so much easier! Thank you, Willow and Queen!!!

    Valerie Craven on

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