It’s Hot Toddy Season

It’s Hot Toddy Season

It’s Hot Toddy Season

Friends, It’s cold and flu season! A hot toddy is great on any cold night, but I especially love a hot toddy to sooth a cold. This warm cocktail is particularly soothing when you’re under the weather with a nasty cough.

I get a horrible cold EVERY SINGLE WINTER. If I have to choose between drinking a cap-full of cough syrup or drinking this Hot Toddy for a cold, I think you know what I’m choosing. Sure, as a kid the grape flavored cough syrup was great….but a bit of whiskey for a cold is the answer for the over 21 crowd. It’s definitely the best cold remedy if you ask me! If you’re under 21, you can use water…it’ll still be effective.

I’m particularly excited about our Hot Toddy Cocktail Infusion Kit. Now, you have all the ingredients you need in a jar….just add whiskey and you’re done.

The infusion kit makes at least 5-7 drinks and the dried ingredients can be used again!

The infusion kit contains the following dried ingredients: Apple, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Lemon, and Citrus Infused Non-GMO Vegan Cane Sugar

Use our recipes below: 

Our cocktail infusion kits make a perfect addition to your pantry and also make great gifts! Our Cocktail Infusion Kits are 25% Off through 12/31. Use code: HOLIDAY25

Enjoy! Take Care & Be Safe this holiday season! 


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