My Daily Fitness Planner - Workout and Meal Planner | Multiple Color Options

Type: Journals
Color - Curve

Fitness (noun) - The condition of being physically strong and healthy.

The Daily Fitness Planner covers 365 days of workout and meal planning.

Define your goals, make a plan and celebrate your achievements! We've made staying fit and healthy a little bit easier by designing the most beautiful and practical workout and meal planner on the market. Whether you want to achieve a new fitness goal or maintain where you are, we believe that recording your daily fitness efforts is the best way to achieve that.

Whether you are a gym-goer, runner, yogi, or swimmer, you will find our weekly workout/meal planning layout perfectly matching your needs. Every four weeks you will be able to record your body measurements and wellness progress, allowing you to realign your goals. Our Fitness planners include so much content and luxury features that will make your fitness journey fun and achievable! 

My motivation
My vision board
My barriers
My routines
My Goals
My weight tracker
My progress photos
52 weeks of workout and meal pages
Body measurements and wellness review every 4 weeks
Mid-year goals review
End of year reflection
16 gym workout planner pages
14 monthly challenges pages
Notes pages

Elegant vegan leather cover
3 pages of gold stickers
208 pages
120gsm FSC ivory paper
2 ribbon markers
Hardback binding

Foiled gilt edging
Foiled cover and spine
165mm (W) x 210mm (H)

 NOTE: A well-loved planner will show some signs of love and use. Scratches and marks are normal and to be expected (foiled areas are especially susceptible). Please look after your journal by being careful not to put things on top of it (hot drinks, dirty hands and anything that can scratch the surface of the journal are a no-no) and by paying attention to how you store it. We do not recommend using Sharpie pens.

Please do not use marker pens or sharpies as these will bleed through the pages.