My Daily Fitness Planner - Workout and Meal Planner (Forest)

Type: Planners
Fitness (noun) - The condition of being physically strong and healthy. The Daily Fitness Planner covers 365 days of workout and meal planning. Define your goals, make a plan and celebrate your achievements! We've made staying fit and healthy a little bit easier by designing the most beautiful and practical workout and meal planner on the market. Whether you want to achieve a new fitness goal or maintain where you are at, we believe that recording your daily fitness efforts is the best way to achieve that. Whether you are a gym-goer, runner, yogi, swimmer, you will find our weekly workout/meal planning layout the perfect match to your needs. FEATURES: Elegant vegan leather cover 3 pages of gold stickers 208 pages 120gsm FSC ivory paper 2 ribbon markers Hardback binding Foiled gilt edging Foiled cover and spine 165mm (W) x 210mm (H)